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Get me back to Cuba, please!

February to me is that month in NYC when Spring feels so far away still. What better time to give you a glimpse of my recent trip to Cuba, where the smiles are plenty, the sun is kissing you, the music is always playing and rum is poured everywhere you go.
I was on assignment there working with the wonderful photographic tour company Camera Odysseys, capturing Behind-The-Scenes footage for them. Stay tuned for their official video.
Meanwhile my editor has put together some lovely moments from Cuba - the way I experienced this country. I felt very much at home, loving the people, the art, the music...
I hope my short film brings you a little warmth.

 Camera Odysseys Cuba 2018
 Camera Odysseys Cuba 2018

In other exciting news - Claudia Paul Photo + Video is now part of CLAUDIA PAUL PRODUCTIONS LLC.
I made this mostly administrative move to be able to accommodate my different photography and video ventures better and of course to serve my lovely existing and future clients the best way possible.
Please don't hesitate to reach out with your photography and motion needs and let's chat about how I can help you create some strong visuals and tell your story!

Cheers, Claudia

Client Spotlight - Mount Sinai

It's hard to believe but this is my 14th year of living and working in New York City. Following my dream of being a photographer hasn't always been an easy path. Was I crazy for leaving my country, family and friends to make it in the big bad city ? Maybe a little. But I would do it all over again.
Over the years of living abroad I have changed and so has my photography. Clients have come and gone and I have gotten a teeny bit wiser.

One thing I learned about myself is that my work isn't just about taking a pretty picture. I thrive when I connect with people and having great energy around makes me happy at the end of the day. Which brings me to the subject of this newsletter.

Top left to right: Dr. Rachel Saunders-Pullman, Dr. Saadi Ghatan, Dr. Yasmin Hurd
Bottom left to right: Dr. Rene Kahn, Tony Feliz, Dr. Daniela Schiller

I've had the great fortune of starting to work with the Mount Sinai Health System in the beginning of this year. They hired me to photograph some of the key figures in Brain Health for the beautiful atrium at the Annenberg Building on the Upper Eastside.

It was an amazing experience to set up shop in the middle of a bustling hospital and to meet all these dedicated and brilliant human beings. Neuroscientists, nurses, psychiatrists, neurosurgeons and others working together to improve the well-being of their patients, save lives and give hope.
They took time out of their busy days to be photographed. And they took that time seriously - opening up and sharing some of their work and who they are with me and my camera.

The creative team at Mount Sinai has been a joy to collaborate with. They appreciate my vision and most of all, they are enthusiastic and understand the importance of branding that is on point.

Dr. Dennis Charney - Dean of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and a world expert in Neurobiology and the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders

Mount Sinai reached out recently to have their leadership photographed - among them Dr. Dennis Charney.
He arrived for his appointment dressed to the T - even matching his socks and shoes to our dark blue background. What's not to love about polka-dot socks ?
I found Dr. Charney to be very photogenic - he was able to connect easily and
was very present. When the session came to an end, he asked me if I
got what I needed. I thought that he was ready to be done, so I replied that we could wrap up.
"Ok, now I can tell you my story."

It turned out that the very day of our shoot was the 1-year anniversary of a very tragic event that took place. Exactly one year ago he was shot outside a well-known Chappaqua, NY deli. Dennis Charney was hospitalized from the shooting but survived it. The attacker turned out to be a former subordinate, who used to be a researcher for Charney.

Dr. Charney told us the whole story in detail, getting very emotional as the story unfolded. One thing that really stuck with me was when he
talked about resilience. He said he hoped that I was able to capture him with that feeling as it meant a lot to him. I picked up the camera and shot a few more frames and we said our goodbyes.

Thank you, Dr. Charney for sharing your experience with me and for
letting me create such powerful portraits of you. You are a true example
of resilience and courage.

And lastly, I had the great opportunity to help create one image which became part of the #MyMountSinai campaign currently displayed at Union Square station.



There's something really great about being able to celebrate the success of fellow artists. I love surrounding myself with people from all walks of life and especially people who can do just that - support and motivate each other. Truthfully, I don't think I would have pushed as hard and survived being a photographer in New York if I didn't have this kind of support system. So today I would like to acknowledge the achievements of two individuals who have crossed my path and become friends and partners in crime.

Mandy Demuth on the cover of Belgian magazine "VIW"

Mandy Demuth on the cover of Belgian magazine "VIW"

Mandy Demuth is a fellow photographer and expat, hauling from the lovely land of Belgium. I met her through another fine Belgian, Antoon Taghon of Uptown Fine Art Printing Studio, my go-to for all printing needs, hands-down. But that's another blog post. VIW wrote a feature on Mandy and her blossoming photography career in New York. I don't actually get to photograph other photographers a lot, so I jumped on the opportunity to collaborate.

 James Farrell, actor currently in Public Morals, TNT

 James Farrell, actor currently in Public Morals, TNT

James Farrell came to me in need of new head shots promoting his appearance in the new TNT show Public Morals. If you haven't seen it, you should ! It's a police drama set in the early 1960's in New York. I love the cinematography and lighting in the show, plus it's fun to imagine how New York used to be before I was even born. What can I say,  James is a great character to photograph -  seeing him transform from bad cop to mafioso to business man was delightful. I am excited to see where his acting career will take him next.


I am super excited to launch my brand-spanking new website ! Most of you know me as Claudia Hehr and I've been running my photography business as Claudia Hehr Photography since I've moved to New York many years ago.
Fast forward to 2012: I married this pretty awesome guy and took his last name (mostly because I got really tired of always spelling out my German name). Little did I know that having a business name different from my new legal name would confuse the heck out of my clients - and everyone else. Since I've been wanting to revamp my website for a while I took the opportunity for a fresh start by changing my business name, branding and creating an all-new look.

Hope you enjoy my website - feedback is always welcome !

      High-key and Low-key portraits of us shot for the Wednesday Portrait series.

   High-key and Low-key portraits of us shot for the Wednesday Portrait series.